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We are approved attorneys on the New Jersey State PBA Legal Protection Plan (LPP). As such, we provide a defense to members whether a target in an internal investigation, witness in an internal investigation, defendant in a disciplinary matter, target in a criminal matter, witness in a criminal matter or defendant in a civil matter. Dvorak & Associates employs retired law enforcement personnel who are available to assist you at every turn.

New Jersey State PBA Legal Protection Plan Approved Attorneys

We are approved attorneys for the New Jersey State Troopers Fraternal Organization. As such, we provide defense of members when involved in matters affecting their employment. Dvorak & Associates employs retired law enforcement personnel who are available to assist you at every turn.

State Troopers Fraternal Organization

We are approved counsel for professional law enforcement unions, as well as many municipal insurance funds, which allows us to successfully litigate law enforcement officers' defense in criminal, civil and departmental matters, most times, without financial contribution from the client.

From false arrests to excessive force to failure to provide medical attention, whether it's a state case or a federal case, we stand with our clients through trial when they are seeking vindication of their actions.

From discrimination claims, to whistleblower claims, to disability claims, whether it spans one incident or many, we have helped our clients defend themselves through the legal minefield that is employment law.

We have represented our hardworking union members to protect their interest at every turn, from contract negotiations, to interest arbitration, to grievances. We also defend our clients in a variety of circumstances which lead to disciplinary charges (PNDA), including through the appeals process; whether to the Superior Court, the Civil Service Commission, Office of Administrative Law, or the Appellate Division. We work tirelessly to vindicate our clients.

Whether on the job or off the job, sometimes our clients find themselves on the receiving end of a municipal or criminal complaint. We stand ready to help you mount a defense to not only the underlying criminal or municipal charge, but to the impact it can have on your employment status. We help our clients successfully navigate through these difficult times.

From car accidents, to fall downs, to complex construction litigation, whether it's one party or twenty, we have successfully and cost-effectively, defended our clients' interest to achieve the best possible results. Let us show you what we can do for you.

Whether an accidental (traumatic) disability pension application, ordinary disability or honorable service credit issue, we have the legal know-how to advocate effectively for you. We regularly appear before the Police and Fireman's Retirement System (PFRS).

Most litigation does not go to trial, and mediation and arbitration can both be effective means to resolve legal disputes. Our lawyers have utilized mediation and arbitration to obtain cost-effective, favorable results for our clients.

We have represented both small and large businesses to protect our clients' interests in both simple and complex commercial matters. Whether it's forming your limited liability company, or litigating a business dispute, we can help you navigate the complex waters of business litigation.

From the one named plaintiff to an immeasurable number of unnamed plaintiffs, whether its been certified for injunctive relief or damages, and whether it is a class of plaintiffs or defendants, as lead defense counsel, we have successfully guided our clients through the complex and challenging task of defending themselves in a class action litigation.